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Albemarle Independent College, 18 Dunraven Street, Mayfair, London W1K 7FE


A level Course Outline

This qualification will be awarded for the last time in summer 2018.

Who should study this course?

Media Studies

This course is attractive to students who have a keen interest in media products and processes. It would suit those with an academic background who are creative and artistic. It would complement any subject combination, including English Literature, Psychology, Sociology and Politics. Anyone who wants to study the way in which the media influences our daily lives should study this course.

What does the course aim to do?

Media Studies is designed to harness and develop your analytical skills through the analysis of media products. It is the study of individual media texts (such as movies, TV shows, and magazines) and focus will largely be on the institutions that made them, how and why they were made, who they were made for, and the rules that govern their production.

Which topics will I study?

You will learn to analyse and evaluate media texts. You will be examined on four elements; technical codes & conventions, representations of social groups (such as gender, age, ethnicity and sexuality), institutions (including processes of production, distribution, marketing), and audiences (with strong emphasis on the relationship between audiences and institutions).

What Skills Will I Develop?

MEDIA STUDIES (WJEC) A Level Specification

Component One
50% of A level Exam

Assessed in May/June

Media- Text, Industry and Audience
The examination assesses media language, representation, media industries, audiences and media contexts. It consists of two sections: Three questions (30 marks per question). Section A: one question from a choice of two. Section B: two questions from a choice of four. Candidates must answer each question on a different media industry.

Component Two
50% of A level Exam

Assessed in May/June

Media investigation & Production
Three components: a written investigation into media text(s) based on one or more of the key media concepts - genre, narrative and/or representation (45); a media production (45); and an evaluation of how the production is informed by the investigative research (10).

Structure of the Course

This course will be taught for 4x 1hour 15 minute lessons per week. Homework will be set each lesson and deadlines must be adhered to. The course will involve a substantial amount of essay writing, so please be prepared for this.

Core Textbook

WJEC A2 Media Studies: Study and Revision Guide
Connell, Barbara (ed), 2013

Introductory Reading

Sight & Sound Magazine (BFI)

Media Studies