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Albemarle Independent College, 18 Dunraven Street, Mayfair, London W1K 7FE


AS Course Outline

Who should study this course?

Media Studies

Students with an academic background and who are creative and artistic. It would complement any subject combination, including English Literature, Psychology, Sociology and Politics. Anyone who wants to study the way in which the media influences our daily lives should study this course.

What does the course aim to do?

Through studying media studies students will view, evaluate and analyse a variety of media products and develop practical skills spanning a range of media forms. They'll also refine their debating skills through the discussion of contemporary issues from a range of perspectives.

Which topics will I study?

AS-level Media Studies engages students in the study of media products in relation to the four areas of the theoretical framework: media language; media representation; media industries; media audiences.

Students are required to study media products from all of the following media forms:

What Skills Will I Develop?

MEDIA STUDIES (OCR) AS Specification

Component One
70% of AS level Exam

Assessed in May/June

Media Today
Section A: The theoretical framework
Section B: TV Drama
Section C: News and Online Media

Component Two
30% of AS level qualification

Assessed in May

Creating a Media Product

An individual production selected from a choice of topics related to the annual theme.

The aims of the coursework are:

  • To display an application of knowledge and understanding of the theoretical framework.
  • To showcase practical skills relating to the media format of their choice.

Structure of the Course

This course will be taught for 5x 1hour lessons per week. Homework will be set each lesson and deadlines must be adhered to. The course will involve a substantial amount of essay writing, so please be prepared for this.

Introductory Reading

Media Studies: The Basics
Julian McDougall, Routledge

Core Textbook

OCR A Level Media Studies Student Guide 1: Media Messages (2019), Cunningham, Louisa

OCR A Level Media Studies Student Guide 2: Evolving Media, (2018), Mazzochi, Jason

Media Studies

Further Reading

Media Studies: Texts, Production and Context Paul Long, Tim Wall, Routledge