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Albemarle Independent Private College in Central London


A Level Course Outline

Why study Business at A-Level?

Business studies If you have a passion for commerce and you are interested in setting up a firm or working for a major blue-chip organisation, then this is the subject for you. Through this course you will develop enterprise and leadership skills and an understanding of major business concepts to help analyse real life business case studies, based on companies such as Amazon, Apple, Rolls Royce and M&S. Business will equip you with the skills to analyse key financial data to help with decision making. The course progresses to more challenging concepts such as the external environment and why businesses fail. Business is popular with students interested in progressing onto university courses, as the subject opens up opportunities in many degree disciplines.

What is Business at A-Level?

A-level Business Studies begins with a comparison of common objectives for a company, typical legal structures and leadership concepts, then progresses to more intricate workings on how a typical business is run, through understanding the main functional areas. The course will require significant numerical skills to analyse financial information, as many accounting concepts are studied. The course evolves into investigating strategies for larger more established businesses to grow and survive.

Main Topics Covered

The Business course helps you to develop a number of skills:

What are the challenging aspects of the course?

BUSINESS (AQA) A-Level Specification

Business studies

Note: Assessment is 100% examinations based, therefore there is no course work.

Structure of the Course

This course will be taught through 6 x 50 minute lessons per week. Independent study is set each week and deadlines must be adhered to. The course will involve additional reading, so please be prepared for this.

Core Textbook

Surridge M; Gillespie A, AQA A-level business, Hodder education, 2019. ISBN-10: 1510453342.

Further Reading

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