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An award winning sixth-form college in the heart of Central London offering a wide range of GCSE and A-Level courses

The quality of the curriculum, teaching and learners' achievements is excellent

T (+44) 20 7409 7273
Albemarle Independent College, 18 Dunraven Street, Mayfair, London W1K 7FE
Albemarle Independent Private College in Central London

A-Level Courses

Study A-Levels in London at Albemarle College, one of the best London Sixth Form Colleges. Albemarle also offers AS-Level and GCSE courses.

Sciences, Maths & Computing
Business & Social Studies
Arts, Humanities & Literature


The A-Level Programme

(Upper Sixth)
Students joining us in their second year of A-Levels will generally elect to do 3 subjects at A-Level with some choosing an additional AS subject. These courses are suited to students who have completed one or more years of study at A-Level. Some A-Level courses such as Psychology and Photography may be taken over one year without any prior knowledge of the subject.

Fees and Dates

The Two-Year A-Level Programme

The majority of students on this programme will take 4 AS-Level subjects in their first year and 3 A-Level subjects in their second year.

All students in the first year of the A-Level programme (Year 12) have weekly University & Life Skills (ULS) classes, which incorporate the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). During the ULS classes, students are able to develop and hone their skills in giving presentations, team work and project management, as well as focusing on CV preparation and work experience. We also invite guest speakers from a wide range of professions including Law, Investment Banking, Engineering and Medicine to name but a few.

A key part of the ULS programme focuses on preparation for university, including help in constructing a Personal Statement and advice on choice of universities and degree courses. The college runs a highly successful university tour at the end of the first year, where students have the opportunity to visit universities with teachers from Albemarle, all around the country.

A wide range of sporting activities is provided during the weekly sports session on Wednesday afternoons, including football, basketball, badminton, tennis, dance, aerobics, swimming and body-building.

During the Spring half-term all Lower Sixth students are invited to take part in the college cultural trip to a European city of interest. This is an immensely popular and enjoyable experience for students. Recent destinations have included Florence & Venice, Athens, Seville & Granada, Rome, Istanbul and Berlin.

Teachers make the most of the college's excellent location in the heart of London and students are taken on visits to places of interest such as the Wellcome Institute, Natural History Museum, British Museum, the Houses of Parliament, the Wallace Collection as well as to attend lectures at UCL, LSE, Imperial and the Royal Society of Science.

The One-Year A-Level Programme

The one-year A-Level courses are designed for students who wish to complete a full A-Level in one year, starting from scratch. Students will need to show aptitude for the subject and, in some cases, must have studied the subject to GCSE level or equivalent.

Most students on this programme will have already completed one or two years of A-Level study, but need to improve their grades to get onto their chosen degree course. Retake students on this programme will need to achieve higher A-Level results than their first time counterparts, so it is essential that they get it right the second time round.

Students are able to achieve success on this programme not simply because of the excellent tuition at Albemarle, but also because of the support and help they receive outside the classroom from subject teachers as well as their Curriculum Manager. Our Curriculum Managers have a wealth of experience in dealing with students undertaking A-Levels in one year and the advice they give is tailored to suit the needs of each individual. We are able to call on a vast network of contacts at universities to assist us in getting students onto the degree course of their first choice at a good university.

Curriculum Managers offer advice to students on an individual basis helping them with all elements of the UCAS admissions process from the production of a uniquely attractive personal statement, to adding the finishing touches to the online forms and performing mock interviews. UCAS admissions are completed by early October to give students the best possible chance of receiving offers for their first choice university and degree course.

In the past academic year, students on our one-year programme have achieved places at many of the top UK universities including Cambridge, Imperial, UCL, LSE, Warwick, Edinburgh, Bristol and Durham.

We can also count a number of doctors, dentists, accountants, lawyers, computer scientists and journalists, to name but a few professionals, among our past students on this programme.

"Our approach is very much geared towards getting the best out of individual students and encouraging them to develop independent learning skills."

James Meadows
Head of History