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An award winning sixth-form college in the heart of Central London offering a wide range of GCSE and A-Level courses

The quality of the curriculum, teaching and learners' achievements is excellent

T (+44) 20 7409 7273
Albemarle Independent College, 18 Dunraven Street, Mayfair, London W1K 7FE
Albemarle Independent Private College in Central London


Charles Cooper


A-Level Grades: Biology A*, Chemistry A*, Maths A*, Physics A*

"My two years at Albemarle went so quickly but they were probably the best years of my school life. The advice and support I got from my teachers and my Curriculum Manager, James helped me to great success in A-Levels and my ultimate goal - a place at Oxford University.

Charles is currently studying Biochemistry at Oxford University

Anatoli Meze


A-Level Grades: Maths A*, Economics A*, Further Maths A*, Sociology A.

"Albemarle has been the best experience in my life so far. The teaching staff were the key to my successful university placement at LSE. I will never forget my time at Albemarle. It combines a great location,the most talented staff and a great atmosphere which I will miss a lot. You can trust that at Albemarle the teachers focus on your success and sacrifice their time to help you master your subjects. And you will also have lots of fun as the team is just amazing!"

Anatoli is currently studying Economics at LSE.

Dmitry Chernov


A-Level Grades: Biology A*, Physics A*, Chemistry A, Maths A, French A.

"I completed my GCSEs at Albemarle before starting on my A-Levels there. Firstly what amazed me was how good the teaching was across all of my subjects - the Sciences, Maths and French, and how approachable teachers were - always at hand to give me help and support, particularly outside of lessons. During my first year, the Life Skills programme really helped to boost my confidence and develop skills. My Personal Tutor James really supported me and helped me to secure a place at one of the world's top universities. I would certainly recommend Albemarle as a great place to study A-Levels."

Dmitry is a recent graduate in Medicine from Imperial College, London.

Genevieve Peattie


A-Level Grades: Spanish A*, History A, French A, Philosophy A.

"My two years of Albemarle went by really quickly, mainly because I enjoyed my time there, even though people say Alevels are probably the most stressful thing you will do in your life. No doubt I have my teachers to thank for that - Caroline, Oscar and of course my personal tutor Francesca. I would not have achieved the excellent grades across the board were it not for their continual help and encouragement."

Genevieve is currently reading Sociology and Spanish at Exeter University

Adewale Adeyosoye


A-Level Grades: Business Studies A*, Physics A*, Maths A, Further Maths A.

"I enjoyed my two years at Albemarle immensely. I liked the way teachers treated you as an individual and were always around to give me help and advice. I really enjoyed the cultural trip in my first year as it took me out of my comfort zone but enabled me to grow as a person. I am now better equipped for university as a result of my Albemarle experience."

Adewale is currently reading Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield

Nina Zeiler


A-Level Grades: Maths A*, Further Maths A*, Philosophy A, Physics A.

"The support I have received from Albemarle has been excellent. The teachers all spend a huge amount of time and effort with each student, and I really felt cared for as an individual. Not only have they helped me with my A-Level studies, but they have guided me tirelessly through my university applications. The atmosphere in college is great; staff are easy to interact with and are always available if you have any queries, and there are many opportunities to make friends and meet other students. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time studying here."

Nina has accepted a place to study Maths at The University of Cambridge (Sidney Sussex).

Ryan Ju


A-Level Grades: Mathematics: A, Further Maths: A, Physics: A, Information Technology: A.

"When I first came to Albemarle, I was surprised to find the classes were small enough that everyone was free to raise any problems they might be having. With four subjects, this was vital for me so I didn't fall behind. I also had great freedom to make my own study plans with fantastic support from my teachers, which really made my time at Albemarle productive. The IELTS course also helped me greatly to achieve 7.5 in the test. There were plenty of activities going on all year, from Christmas parties to Easter trips, which gave me plenty of opportunities to make friends outside the classroom and learn beyond bookwork."

Ran is currently reading Maths and Computer Science at Oxford University.

Nadia Jaglom


A-Level Grades: Govt & Politics: A, English Literature: A, History of Art: A.

"My whole Albemarle experience was a brilliant one. I really enjoyed the fact that teachers treated you as an individual and encouraged you to think independently. This was great preparation for university, but I do miss the Albemarle environment still."

Nadia is currently reading Archaeology & Anthropology at Cambridge University.

Karishma Patel


A-Level Grades: Biology: A, Chemistry: A, English Literature: A.

"When I joined Albemarle I was initially apprehensive as I did not know if I could achieve the grades and university place that I wanted. However, through dedicated teaching and encouragement and guidance from my Personal Tutor I started to believe it was possible. Although Albemarle is a small college, the friendly atmosphere and helpful staff and teachers there added a personal touch to the place, which made learning there easy and enjoyable. I achieved the grades I needed to gain a place at medical school and I doubt I would have achieved my goals elsewhere."

Karishma is currently reading Medicine at Imperial College, University of London.



A-Level Grades: Art & Design: A, Mathematics: A, French: B.

"At Albemarle I was able to take the subjects I wanted and learn from one of the best Art teachers in the business. Through Rosemarie I was encouraged to go for Architecture and I'm really enjoying my course at Manchester."

Florette is currently reading Architecture at the University of Manchester.

Bartosz Vu


A-Level Grades: Business Studies: A, Accounting: A, German: A, Mathematics: A.

"One of the best things about Albemarle, apart from the excellent teachers, is the flexibility. I changed my programme midway through and had the full support of my personal tutor which enabled me to continue with the minimum of fuss. The focus at Albemarle really is on the individual and they do try to get the best out of students by encouraging you and helping you to conquer your weaknesses."

Bartosz is currently reading Management at LSE.

Fiona Hughes


A-Level Grades: English Literature: A, Politics: A, Sociology: A, Mathematics: A.

"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Albemarle and the quality of teaching in particular was excellent. I found that I could get help when I needed it and the encouragement I got from my personal tutor really improved my confidence and made me believe in myself. I don't think I would have achieved my goal of getting to Harvard were it not for Albemarle."

Having successfully completed her 2 year A-Level course, Fiona went on to study Law at Harvard University.

Claire Worrall


A-Level Grades: Maths A, English Literature A*, French A*, Economics A.

"Having joined Albemarle partway through my AS year I was concerned that I would not be able to catch up with my peers. However, the teachers were amazing in helping me get up to speed and I achieved top grades in my AS-Levels in my first year. The guidance and help I got were essential in helping me to secure a place at my first choice university and I am very glad that I studied at Albemarle."

Claire is currently studying Management at the University of Bath.

Yee Xing


A-Level Grades: Geography A*, Economics A and Psychology A*

"Having studied abroad and in London before joining Albemarle I can honestly say the teaching at Albemarle is the best I have ever had. I believe that the teachers really care about students and help them constantly. I also liked the fact that the college had a nice mixture of local and international students so that I was able to learn more about British culture before heading off to university. I do miss Albemarle very much, even though I enjoy studying at King's."

Yee is currently studying Geography at King's College, London.