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An award winning sixth-form college in the heart of Central London offering a wide range of GCSE and A-Level courses

The quality of the curriculum, teaching and learners' achievements is excellent

T (+44) 20 7409 7273
Albemarle Independent College, 18 Dunraven Street, Mayfair, London W1K 7FE
Albemarle Independent Private College in Central London

Student Of The Year

The best A-Level results come from one of the best A-Level and sixth form colleges in London:

Teren Lee

2020-21 Student of the Year

Name: Teren Lee

A-Level grades: Maths (A*) Further Maths (A*) Economics (A*) English Literature (A*)

University: UCL to study Mathematics with Management

Other notable performers included:

Sofiana Bahsoon (A*A*A*)
James Bulatovic (A*A*A)
Monica Gleeson (A*A*A*)
Henry Graham (A*A*A*)
Myfanwy Jones (A*A*A)
Dio Kallakis (A*AA)
Julia Mathews (A*A*A)
Carla Mora Ventura (A*AA)
Chalindhi Tissera (A*AA)

Nadim El-Harake

2019-20 Student of the Year

Name: Nadim El-Harake

A-Level grades: Economics (A*) History (A*) Politics (A*)

University: UCL to study History

Other notable performers included:

Tom Sparey (A*A*)
Lera Dashkevich (A*A*A*A)
Kiana Vosough (A*A*A*)
Lar Jaffar (A*AA)
Rhea Aar (A*A*A)
Can Yurtcu (A*AA)
Chalindhi Tissera (AAA)
Samy Jarada (A*AA)

Salman Shahid

2018-19 Student of the Year

Name: Salman Shahid

A-Level grades: Maths (A*) Chemistry (A*) Philosophy (A*)

University: UCL to study Philosophy, Politics, Economics

Other notable performers included:

Kate Zhu (A*A*A*A)
Yasmin Rysmendiyeva (A*A*A*)
Lily Chadwick (A*A*A)
Emily Bysouth (A*AA)
Michael Williams (AAA)
Miranda Stocker (A*AA)
Eleanor Brech (AAB)

Sule Goktekin

2017-18 Student of the Year

Name: Sule Goktekin

A-Level grades: Maths (A*) Chemistry (A*) Biology (A)

University: UCL College - BSc Medicine

Other notable performers included:

Samah Khan (A*A*)
George Buck (AAA)
Becan Donald (A*A*A)
Henry Downing (AA)
Manar Muhsin (A*A)

Joy Yoon

2016-17 Student of the Year

Name: Joy Yoon

A-Level grades: Maths (A*) Biology (A*)
Chemistry (A) Physics (A)

University: Imperial College - BSc Biological Sciences

Other notable performers included:

Amna Ali (A*AA)
Thomas Barkley (A*AA)
Sohnam Dodhia (A*AA)
Rhada Kirpalani (A*AA)
Dhuha Sajjad (A*AB)
Abdullah Shagari (AAA)

Eirini Meze

2015-16 Joint Students of the Year

Name: Eirini Meze

A-Level grades: Maths (A*) Economics (A*) Further Maths (A*) Russian (A*)

University: UCL - Economics

Name: Ece Kayan

A-Level grades: Computing (A*) Physics (A) Maths (A*) Further Maths (A*)

University: Imperial College - Computing

Claire Worrall


Name: Claire Worrall

A-Level grades: English Literature A* French A* Mathematics A Economics A

University: Claire is currently at her first choice university studying Management at the University of Bath

Charles Cooper


Name: Charles Cooper

A-Level grades (2013): Mathematics A*, Chemistry A*, Biology A*, Physics A*

University: Charles has accepted a place at Oxford University to read Biochemistry

Nina Zeiler


Name: Nina Zeiler

A-Level grades (2013): Maths A*, Further Maths A*, Philosophy A, Physics A

University: Nina has accepted a place to study Maths at the University of Cambridge (Sydney Sussex)

Adewale Adeyosoye


Name: Adewale Adeyosoye

A-Level grades (2012): Business studies A*, Physics A*, Maths A, Further Maths A

University: Adewale is currently studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield