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AS Course Outline

What is Business?

Business studies

The focus of this subject is on commercial activity, which is the successful buying and selling of goods between organisations and the general public. It is a topic that impacts on everyone in society, as business & commerce is all around us; from the high street shops people visit, to the branded items used on a daily basis that change the way we live, to the internet and the world of employment.

The course will explore how to run and work in a successful modern age enterprise, by studying the main functions of a business; leadership, finance, marketing, operations and personnel. As the course progresses into the second year more advanced themes are investigated, such as assessing the overall performance of a business, business strategy, the impact of the PESTEL external environment and managing change in a firm.

Who should study this course?

What skills will students develop when studying Business?

BUSINESS (AQA) Summary of Content at AS

Why AS Business?

In economically challenging times, studying business will provide knowledge and skills many employers are seeking from prospective candidates applying for jobs; from producing a balance sheet, to motivating a team. The course will mix theory with real life scenarios, as taught concepts are often contextualised with real life examples. We investigate how entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson and Steve Jobs have developed successful innovative ideas into real life businesses. We will study how businesses such as Tesco and Amazon have survived through challenging times. The course will also explore business failure and why successful businesses can end up closing, such as Blockbuster video and the Arcadia group.

  1. What is business?
    An introduction to the course, which explores why business exist, entrepreneurship, ownership types and the transformation process
  2. Managers, leadership and decision making
    Themes explored include an introduction to management, leadership styles and calculating decision trees
  3. Decision making to improve marketing performance
    Themes explored include market research, segmentation, understanding markets and data, the marketing mix, elasticities, the Boston matrix and the product life cycle
  4. Decision making to improve operational performance
    Themes explored include production methodologies, quality concepts, operational metrics, innovation, inventory management and operational efficiencies
  5. Decision making to improve financial performance
    Themes explored include calculating profit, cash flow forecasting, break-even, budgeting variances, accounting ratios and sources of finance
  6. Decision making to improve human resource performance
    Themes explored include job design, recruitment, training methods, HR metrics, motivational methods, organisational structures and maintaining healthy employer / employee relations


Introductory Reading:
Branson R. “Finding my virginity: the new autobiography”, Virgin books, 2018.
ISBN-10: 9780753556139.

Core Textbook
Wolinski J; Coates C. “AQA A Level Business 1 Third Edition”, Hodder education, 2019.
ISBN-10: 1471836096.

Further Reading
Lester D. “Starting Your Own Business”, Crimson Publishing, 2007.
ISBN-10: 1854584014.